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Diagnosis and Treatment of Pregnancy Back Pain
Jan 08, 2017

Low back pain during pregnancy is a symptom and not a medical disorder. Your medical history and a physical examination provide the physician with enough information to diagnose this condition.

Reasons of Pregnancy Back Pain
Jan 08, 2017
During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone, relaxin, which allows ligaments in the pelvis to relax before the birth process. This hormone can cause spinal ligaments to loosen, leading to instability in the spine and back pain.
Symptoms of Pregnancy Back Pain
Jan 08, 2017
In most cases, lower back pain in pregnancy begins to occur between the fifth and seventh month. Very rarely, lower back can begin shortly after becoming pregnant.
Back Pain During Pregnancy: 10 Easy Exercises
Sep 08, 2016

All of these are safe throughout your pregnancy. Here are 10 easy exercises to help strengthen your muscles, promote flexibility, and help to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy.

Back Pain During Pregnancy: Posture and Body Mechanics
Sep 06, 2016

Back pain is common during pregnancy. Good posture and proper body mechanics will help you to minimize these complaints, and reduce the severity or frequency of this discomfort. 

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