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Being Pregnant

3 Pregnancy Symptoms That Make You Feel Crappy (How to Get Relief)
Jan 22, 2017

That queasiness tends to hit you in the morning when your stomach is empty, and strikes hardest during the first trimester due to surging hormone levels.

Your Baby's First Ultrasound is Exciting: What You’ll See?
Jan 06, 2017

It's a time period where you'll be able to not only see the gender of your baby, but also see the rest of the anatomical details. So we're talking about the structure of the heart, the kidneys, the fingers, the toes.

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Secondhand Smoke
Jan 06, 2017
If a pregnant woman inhales secondhand smoke it can have harmful effects on the unborn fetus. Researcher discovered this by experiment on laboratory rats. 
When Does Morning Sickness End?
Jan 04, 2017
As your pregnancy progresses and your uterus grows up out or your pelvis and into your abdomen, it does compress your other interabdominal organs, including your small bowel and your stomach, which can sometimes make you feel full more quickly.
What to Expect During Your Third Trimester Prenatal Visits?
Jan 04, 2017

As you enter the last few weeks of your pregnancy, it's really important that your provider see you frequently. This is because we're checking for very important changes in your body.

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