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The Miraculous Story of Spontaneous Identical Triplet: Lily, Grace & Anaia
Dec 31, 2016
This birth story is so unique and dear to my heart that it could be pages upon pages if I wrote out everything. It was an especially miraculous pregnancy, as they did not use any fertility treatments to conceive.
A Beautiful and Un-medicated Natural Birth Story
Nov 20, 2016
The doctor moved aside and fully respected the parent's wishes. It all happened quickly and moments later the baby's body slid out and he was holding his son in the air with both hands.
Incredible Moment: Mom Gives Birth in Water with One Push
Sep 13, 2016
After watching this video, many women are going to wish their childbirth was as easy as this one. Because this new mum managed to give birth to her baby with very little effort, and in almost total silence.
Amazing Home Water Birth and Surprise Gender
Sep 05, 2016

Every birth has many stories, diverging in places depending on the vantage point of the teller. An amazing home water birth, and a surprise gender at that!

Mom Holding Baby for the First Time (32 Week Preemie)
Sep 05, 2016
32 week premature baby Connor weaned off the IV today and the majority of cords are gone now. Also finished billi light treatment. It was a big day!
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