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3 Major Ways to Prevent Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth
Feb 19, 2017

Learn three major ways to prevent tearing while your birthing your baby. Tearing during labor is a common concern for most pregnant woman. There are ways to prevent it as much as you possible can.

Epidural Pain Relief in Labour
Feb 12, 2017
An epidural will make your labour less painful. A small plastic tube, called an epidural catheter, is inserted between the bones of your spine. Local anaesthetic is given down the tube, blocking pain in the nerves of the spine.
How to Induce Labour - Methods of Labour Induction
Feb 05, 2017

If mothers over the age of 40 choose to have an induction at 39-40 weeks this reduces their risk to the same as for younger mothers with a pregnancy over 41 weeks.

5 Tips to Prevent Vaginal Tearing While Giving Birth
Feb 04, 2017

Is one of your biggest fears of giving birth that you might tear or need an episiotomy? By tensing your whole body during forced pushing your perineum will also be tense, which can be one reason for tearing. 

How to Overcome Your Fear of Giving Birth - 7 Steps to a Fearless Birth
Feb 04, 2017

If you’re scared of giving birth, which is probably why you’re here. A birth you can look forward to? And would you like to know exactly how you can prepare for it?

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