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Newborn Bloodspots Save Lives
Feb 19, 2017

When a bloodspot sample is taken from an infant for newborn screening, a few drops of blood from the heel are collected into circles on a special filter paper. These samples are dried and then sent to the laboratory for screening. 

Newborn Baby Care
Feb 13, 2017
This short video covers topics such as caring for the umbilical cord, changing diapers, suctioning mucous, taking the baby's temperature, etc.
Taking Care of Newborn Baby
Jan 28, 2017
This time that you're gonna spend with this newborn at home is going to be a unique experience. There are gonna be times where they'll be just you and the baby bonding, getting to know each other.
Newborn Twins Don't Even Know They're Out Of The Womb
Jan 20, 2017
They’re already born, but they might not know it yet. A video of a unique bath is offering an amazing look at what life must like for twins in the womb, with the babies cuddling and embracing as if they were still in their mom’s belly.
Newborn Care: What to Expect After the Delivery of Your Baby?
Dec 01, 2016
People often wonder when is the pediatrician going to see the baby. After delivery, we want time for you to bond with the baby. Usually the newborn exam is done the day after delivery.
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