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Your Pregnancy Weeks 1 to 3: How Sperm Meets Egg?
Dec 12, 2016

About a teaspoon worth of semen enters the vagina containing roughly 300 million sperm, less than 100,000 will pass into the cervix to begin their 6-inch journey to the egg.

Your Pregnancy Weeks 4 to 8: An Embryo Forms
Dec 12, 2016

You don't know if you're having a boy or a girl yet, but you can thank dad for your child's sex because one of two sex chromosomes either an X or a Y was delivered by the sperm determining your child's gender.

Your Pregnancy Weeks 9 to 12: Embryo to Fetus
Dec 12, 2016

By week 10, he's about the size of a grape and can stretch his spine. Because his head so large, the stretch causes the whole body to turn around. The eyes and eyelids are more developed, and eyebrows have started to grow.

Your Pregnancy Weeks 13 to 16: Second Trimester Begins
Dec 12, 2016

Talk to him and read to him so that he can get to know the sound of your voice. Because your baby's brain now controls all the muscles in his body, he is able to move. Yes, he can even do somersaults. 

Your Pregnancy Weeks 18 to 21: Feeling Baby Move
Dec 12, 2016

Her bones are becoming harder. Over the couple of weeks, a fine layer of hair called lanugo covers her skin under the vernix, a white creamy substance that covers the skin of the fetus. 

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