10 Signs You Are Ready to Give Birth

Do you ever feel like your pregnancy is never going to end? While it seems as if the blessed event will never happen, your body may already be giving clues that delivery day is right around the corner. It's time to get this baby out! Consider these 10 signs you are ready to give birth.

1. You've exhausted every possible pregnancy craving. 

2. The baby clothes you bought are totally outdated.

3. You do more peeing at night than sleeping.

4. Your husband's on edge every time you sneeze.

5. Walking from the couch to the kitchen is a workout.

6. Even your boobs are impressed with themselves.

7. Your footwear options are at an all time low.

8. There's only enough room for one of you.

9. Greetings are tricky.

10. Your rings stopped fitting months ago.