20 Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Giving Birth

20 Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Giving Birth

Every woman's good birth story is different and each one is beautiful and empowering in its own way. Each birth is an opportunity to awaken your feminine power and rise up into the mother you came here to be. 

These breathtaking birth images capture poignant moments during and right after labor. They serve as a true reflection of how powerful a woman’s body is and showcase the realities of giving birth.

Happy birthday!Happy birthday!Photographer Liz Jennings shows what it's like to look down and see your baby draw its first breaths. (Liz Jennings Photography)

Pushing for a purposePushing for a purposeIn this powerful image by Liz Jennings, a mom sees the result of all her hard work — her baby. (Liz Jennings Photography)

Selfie breakSelfie breakPhotographer Laura Eckert shows this couple taking a break to snap a selfie during labor. (New Creation Birth Photography)

It's time!It's time!It's that moment! (Birth Blessings Photography)

A show of strengthA show of strengthThis photo by Ashley Marston showcases a mom's strength in the grips of a contraction. (Ashley Marston Photography)

Labor surpriseLabor surprisePhotographer Liz Jennings perfectly captures how anything can happen during labor in this surprising shot. (Liz Jennings Photography)

Pure joyPure joyIn this photo taken by Ashley Marston, you see a mom's joy as she holds her newborn right after delivery. (Ashley Marston Photography)

Cesarean birthCesarean birthHello World Birth Photography captured this amazing image of what it's like to view a cesarean birth through a clear drape. (Hello World Birth Photography)

The moment you've waited forThe moment you've waited forPhotographer Liz Jennings captures a baby's first cries. (Liz Jennings Photography)

Twice the blessingsTwice the blessingsA new mom stays calm during the birth of her twins in this photo taken by Robin Baker. (Birth Blessings Photography) 

A mother's determinationA mother's determinationIn this beautiful photo by Liliana Leahy, a mother gathers herself in a quiet moment during labor. (Liliana Leahy Photography)

A moment of peaceA moment of peaceA mom rests with her newborn and their placenta following a tub birth in this image by Breathe Birth Photography. (Breathe Birth Photography)

Welcome to the worldWelcome to the worldIn this picture taken by photographer Liliana Leahy, we see just how cute newborns are, vernix and all. (Liliana Leahy Photography)

A caul birthA caul birthBreathe Birth Photography captured this breathtaking image of a baby born in its caul. (Breathe Birth Photography)

Lean on meLean on meThis image by Liliana Leahy of a laboring mom leaning into her partner is a beautiful example of love and support. (Liliana Leahy Photography)

A well-deserved restA well-deserved restA mom cradles her newborn following a tub birth in this photo by Leilani Rogers. (Leilani Rogers, Photographer)

First lookFirst lookA new mom sees her baby for the first time following a cesarean delivery in this photo taken by Laura Eckert. (New Creation Photography)

Overwhelmed by emotionOverwhelmed by emotionIn this image, photographer Megan Bowen perfectly captures the range of emotions you feel when holding your baby for the first time. (Snap Life Photography)

A happy arrivalA happy arrivalPhotographer Leilani Rogers captured this powerful image of a baby moments after birth and still attached to its umbilical cord. (Leilani Rogers, Photographer)

The first helloThe first helloPhotographer Ashley Marston captures a mom's face as she sees her baby for the first time. (Ashley Marston Photography)