4 Useful Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Peacefully

Some newborn babies sleep much more than others. Some soon sleep through the night, while some don't for a long time. Sleep is not a state you can force your baby into. Sleep must naturally overtake your baby. Your nighttime parenting role is to set the conditions that make sleep attractive and to present cues that suggest to baby that sleep is expected.

1. Try White Noise:

• Constant background noise helps babies stay asleep.

• Try a fan or a white-noise machine (just not too loud!).

2. Darken the Room:

• Use blackout curtains to block any light.

• Use a night light for night feedings.

3. Avoid Check-ins:

• Parents can inadvertently wake their baby by checking on them.

• A baby monitor can reassure you without bothering baby.

4. Swaddle:

• Swaddling prevents infants from being woken by their startle reflex.

• Once wrapped, place your baby on her back, not her side or stomach.