5 Crazy Ways Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

1 - Hello Hips: As your body gets ready to deliver your baby, your pelvic bone will actually separate in the middle. But that open pelvis helps your babe enter the world safely!

2 - Welcome to the Dark Side: Notice a dark line growing down your stomach and your belly button getting a little brown? Known as the linea nigrea, it's actually always there, but pregnancy hormones change the pigmentation in our skin to make it show more.

3 - Your Vagina Becomes Unrecognizable: Whoa: you may find that when baby is on board, your vagina actually changes color—turning a blue or purple hue (called Chadwick Sign). Also: It might swell up as a result of increased blood flow. You also might notice that you have a different odor down there or increased discharge. 

But wait—there's more (and it's the freakiest part): About 10 percent of pregnant women wind up with vulvar varicose veins. Yes, you read that right: your hoo-ha can actually start sporting swollen, sore, and blue varicose veins as a result of the weight and pressure of the uterus causing a decrease in blood return from your lower body. The good news: They should all clear up in a few weeks post delivery.

4 - Walk This Way: Your tootsies get bigger! We're talking longer, wider, and swollen. 

5 - A Hairy Situation: You grow hair—like, everywhere. Hormone changes in pregnancy may cause the hair on your head (yay!) or body (boo!) to grow or become thicker. Then, about three months after birth, you might notice your hair on your head falling out. Don't fear! "It's just your body's way of getting back to normal, which usually happens within 6 months after delivery."