5 Tips to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

Getting sleep with a baby isn't easy, and months of sleep deprivation can really wear you down. If you're looking for ways to help your baby fall asleep, here are some tips.

Find out where baby sleeps best: Some babies sleep better in a bed on their own, while others prefer the comfort of their mom's arms while they sleep. Be flexible and try different sleep situations to see where your baby seems to settle best and work with that.

Develop a routine + be consistent: If your baby can predict his bedtime, he is more likely to settle earlier, and that's where a routine can come in handy. It doesn't really matter what the routine is, but having a consistent one you do each night will work wonders. 

Change your expectations: If you're hoping your infant is going to sleep for hours and hours at night like you do, you're going to be disappointed.

Set predictable naps: The more restful your baby is during the day, the more restful they'll be at night.

Enlist the help of white noise: In that infant phase where every small noise wakes him up, even someone flushing the the toilet in the bathroom one room over. A soothing sound can help ease him back into peaceful sleep.

What are your tricks for encouraging better sleep?