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6 Simple and Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

Create: 12/07/2016 - 09:18

Pregnancy doesn't mean that now you can sit back and watch TV. Taking care in pregnancy is very much important but along with exercise. Here we have collected some simple and safe exercises for a healthy pregnancy.
1. Pelvic Stretches: This is considered as the best pregnancy exercise for normal and less painful delivery.
2. Swimming: Swimming helps to regulate heart beat, strengthen your muscles, prevent muscle injury and keeps your body fit during pregnancy.
3. Squat: This is another helpful exercise that contracts and loosens your pelvic muscle during pregnancy to reduce the pain during delivery.
4. Walking: Walking is highly recommended during pregnancy as it prevents constipation, restlessness and high blood pressure, so walk slowly at least 30 minutes daily.
5. Low-impact aerobics: Low-impact aerobic is very effective low intensity workout which keeps your heart and lungs healthy in pregnancy
6. Yoga: Yoga is very useful for normal delivery and keeps your entire body fit and healthy during all the difficult days of pregnancy.
Regular exercise will keep you and your baby healthy and can make for an easier pregnancy and labor, and a timely recovery after delivery.