7 Things Your Midwife Wishes You Knew About Childbirth

1. Home is your happiest space: When labour starts, it's tempting to rush straight to hospiatl, but your midwife will encourage you to stay at home for as long as you can.

2. Your birth plan isn't set in stone: As midwife Clemmie Hooper pointed out, they are your birth preferences - remember to be flexible.

3. Dads can get into the birth pool: Get your partner to pack his swimming trunks so he can get into the pool with you if you want.

4. Think (and eat) like a long-distance runner: When it comes to giving birth, it's a marathon, no a sprint. Keep snacking to give yourself constant energy.

5. Your birth ball is your best friend: They are SO useful during labour and can help move your baby into the right position.

6. Slow dance: Staying upright during labour can help your baby move into  the right position. Lean against your partner in a hugging position, like you're slow dancing.

7. Skin-to-skin: Ask for your baby to be placed on your chest straight away for skin-toskin contact. It will calm your baby and help you bond.