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7 Ways to Sleep Better When You're Pregnant

Create: 03/28/2017 - 12:04

Sleep doesn't come easy when you've got a growing baby bump. Here are 7 tips that can help you unwind and get a more comfortable night's rest as your due date approaches.
1. Sleep on Your Side: Keep your legs and knees bent, too. Eases swelling in feet. Helps you avoid backaches, heartburn.
2. Use Extra Pillows: Tuck an extra pillow between your legs. And if your back hurts, place another pillow under your belly.
3. Hydrate Less at Night: You need to stay hydrated during the day, but try not to drink 2-3 hours before you hit the hay. That might help you avoid waking up to make a trip to the bathroom.
4. Destress Before Bedtime: Destress before you go to bed. You could take a warm shower, try deep breathing, or meditate -- whatever helps you unwind.
5. Make Your Room a Sleep Zone: Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary. That means keep the temperature comfortable, don't watch TV in bed, and consider playing soothing sounds, music, or using a white noise app.
6. Ease Leg Cramps: Stretch before you hit the sack. Press your feet hard against a wall. Or stand on the cramping leg (hold something for balance). Ask your doctor if you're getting enough calcium.
7. Get Aerobic Exercise: Get some aerobic exercise during the day to help you sleep more soundly. Ask your doctor what's safe for you to do.