9 Early Signs of Labor So You Know When Baby is Coming

1. Your waters break: You'll be expecting this, but the moment when the sac of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby ruptures is the first sign your baby is on his way.

2. Heartburn relief: Your baby drops into your pelvis in the weeks before your due date, so say bye to that pregnancy heartburn!

3. Backache: An ache in your lower back means your baby is rotating into the right position for labour.

4. You have a "show": A brown, pink, red-tinged discharge means your baby is coming! If it's bright red or looks heavy, go to hospital to be checked.

5. Your nipples leak: If you're getting wet patches on your clothes, this is a sign your body is ready to feed your baby in a couple of days' time.

6. Diarrhoea: The hormones that help your uterus contract can sometimes cause diarrhoea in the hours before birth.

7. Swollen down below: As your baby moves into your pelvis, it puts more pressure on your vagina, making it feel swollen.

8. Frequent toilet stops: As your positions himself in your pelvis, you'll find you need to pee more regularly.

9. Sudden burst of energy: A lot of women feel a sudden spurt of energy in the days before their labour starts.

10. Walking differently: If your gait has started to resemble something between a cowboy and a duck, it could well be a sign your baby will soon be arriving!

11. Contractions: Be sure they're not Braxton Hicks! Conractions tend to start weak, perhaps feeling like period pain, then grow in frequency and intensity.