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How to Treat Baby Eczema?
Aug 22, 2017

If your baby has developed patches of red, crusty skin, you may be dealing with eczema, a common itchy rash. It often looks similar to other skin conditions. So, check with your doctor before treating it. 

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep
Aug 21, 2017
In that infant phase where every small noise wakes him up, even someone flushing the the toilet in the bathroom one room over. A soothing sound can help ease him back into peaceful sleep.
The Care Provided in the Early Days After You Have Had Your Baby
Aug 10, 2017

If your baby was born in hospital the length of stay can be from 3 to 48 hours. The amount of time you will be advised to stay will depend on the type of birth you've had your recovery and how well your baby is feeding. 

Healthy Hydration and Your Baby
Aug 08, 2017

Healthy newborns do not need extra water for the first six months of life. Because the water is in the breast milk and we add water to formula so babies get all the hydration they need from that.

Easy Tips to Help Swaddle Your Baby Safely
Jun 20, 2017
Looking for a simple way to calm your baby? Try swaddling. Swaddled babies might feel more secure so they sleep longer and often cry less. Being swaddled helps prevent babies from startling themselves awake.
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