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How to Deal with Reflux in Babies?
May 15, 2017
It's a perfectly normal condition affecting about a third of babies from 3 weeks old, and in most cases there is absolutely nothing to worry about. By your baby’s first birthday most reflux symptoms should be starting to disappear. 
What You Need to Know About Shaken Baby Syndrome
May 13, 2017

Shaken Baby Syndrome often happens when an exhausted parent or care giver gets so frustrated by a baby's constant crying that he or she loses control. 

When Your Baby Has a Birth Defect?
May 11, 2017

Having a baby who is born with a birth defect is overwhelming. But I want you to know that there are many people and organizations ready to help you care for your child. 

Tips for Giving Oral Medications to Babies
May 07, 2017

With any medication, be on the lookout for allergic reactions such as hives, swelling in the tongue or lips, difficulty breathing, lethargy, or if your baby is otherwise acting different than usual.

First Aid for Fever in Children
Apr 02, 2017

The child has a raised temperature (above 37°C), hot, flushed skin and is sweating. Check their temperature by using a thermometer. Remove excess clothing and give them fluids such as water or diluted juice.

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