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Babypod 'Vaginal Speaker' Can Play Music to Unborn Baby

Create: 10/09/2016 - 05:14

Babypod is a small intravaginal device. Scientific studies show that is the only one that stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development. With Babypod, the strongest bond starts through music and inside the belly. It will be the first shared experience between a mother and her baby and the child’s first musical and learning experience.
Babypod emerged within an important research line carried out by Institut Marquès on the effects of music from the beginning of life. Music has many benefits for the human brain, including acting as a stimulus for learning and it plays an important role in the sphere of social comunication. Stimulating babies through music in their first months of life has positive effects on brain development; if this is so, why not give your baby the benefits of music starting before birth?
Can babies hear before birth?
Hearing is the first sense developed in the embryo. After only sixteen weeks the hearing system of an unborn baby is fully developed but, can babies hear? Until now babies were believed to perceive sounds as of week twenty-six. However, a recent study by Institut Marquès has shown that they can hear from week sixteen and, moreover, the study revealed that babies react to musical stimuli.
Can babies perceive sounds like we do?
This is solely possible via the vagina. The vagina is a closed space, so sound is not dispersed in the environment. In addition, there are less soft tissue layers separating the baby from the sound target, only the vaginal and uterine walls. By placing a speaker inside the vagina, we overcome the barrier formed by the abdominal wall and the baby can hear sounds with almost as much intensity and clarity as when emitted.
Watch a fetus react to music in the womb for the 1st time