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Being Pregnant

Prevention of Rh Sensitization During Pregnancy
Jun 22, 2017

HDFN begins with a blood type mismatch between a pregnant mother and her developing baby. All pregnant women, or women who are thinking of becoming pregnant, should get prenatal care including an evaluation of their blood type.

Blood Clotting Risks During Pregnancy and Birth
Jun 19, 2017

To minimize the risk of clotting too easily, and in the case of anti-thrombin 3 deficiency, it's very important to know if this deficiency exists in the patient so that we can make a plan for how to care for that pregnancy.

What You Need to Know About Genetic Testing During Pregnancy
Jun 18, 2017

A screening test is a test that can tell us if there's a higher or a lower chance for certain medical conditions in a pregnancy, whereas the diagnostic tests usually a CVS or amniocentesis during pregnancy actually samples from the pregnancy and can tell us yes or no with as much certainty as possible whether those conditions are present. 

Baby Pumping Technique: Every Pregnant Women Should Try
Jun 16, 2017

The baby pumping technique is based on the concept of diaphragmatic breathing and it can activate the deep core muscles, being useful for the actual labor and also for the post-partum recovery.

9 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal
Jun 14, 2017

Eggs can be used for removing stretch marks from the upper layer of skin. Egg white mainly contains proteins as well as amino acids. Repeat doing this process regularly for best results.

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