Benefits of Gentle Baby Massage

Creating the right atmosphere for giving your infant a massage is as important as the soothing power of your touch. So before you begin your baby's spa session, make sure you've dedicated special time—one half hour would be ideal—and can give her your undivided attention.

When massaging your baby, use gentle, light strokes, but avoid being so light it will tickle. You'll want to move from the center of the body outward—go from upper leg to foot, or shoulder to hand for example. Reese adds that during infant massage there are no set numbers of strokes or repetitions.

For a Weleda Baby Massage, first warm a little of our 100% natural Calendula Oil between hands and distribute evenly. A gentle massage will calm nervous and fractious children. Soften cradle cap with oil and then remove with comb. For dry skin -- add a few drops of oil to bath. Keep cap & nozzle clean.