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Tips for a Healthy Breastfeeding Diet
Jun 11, 2017

Your nutrition is important and affects your baby. Mothers who are breastfeeding should consume approximately 400 to 500 extra calories a day. 

How to Breastfeed Your Baby?
May 28, 2017

Bring your baby towards your breast, it's belly against your belly. Touch the lower lip with your nipple, and the mouth will open. Your baby will take the nipple and areola into its mouth.

How to Bottle Feed Your Baby?
May 28, 2017
Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Enjoy holding your baby and looking into their eyes as you feed them. Bottle feeding is a chance to feel close to your baby and get to know them.
How to Prepare a Bottle of Formula?
May 28, 2017
It is very important that all the equipment used to feed and to prepare feeds for infants (for example, bottles, teats, lids) has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before use.
Breastfeeding: 9 Ways to Boost Your Breastmilk
May 20, 2017

Research suggests certain tastes, like garlic, can make your baby feed longer. Your breastmilk is between 80 and 90% water, so it's no surprise drinking more will help maintain your supply.

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