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Breastfeeding: Expressing, Storing and Using Breast Milk

Create: 02/29/2016 - 11:06

The World Health Organization recommends that mothers breastfeed their babies starting within one hour of birth. Feed only breast milk for the first six months and continue to breastfeed for at least 24 months.
Milk is stored inside the breast in tiny sacs or alveoli and travels to the nipple via ducts. To increase the amount of milk coming from the breast, a ‘let-down’ reflex is triggered. This process starts when the nerve endings in the nipple are stimulated by either the baby sucking at the breast or by the mother expressing the breast.
Three ways to express milk:
- Hand
- Hand-held breast pump
- Electric breast pump
We will show you three methods by hand in electric pump of and manual pomp to breastfeed or express milk you must first learn to stimulate the let-down reflex.
Stimulating the "let-down" reflex:
- Have a warm drink.
- Take a warm shower.
- Place a warm washcloth on your breast for a few minutes before starting. 
- Gently massage your breasts.
- Stroke your breasts toward the nipple with the flat of your hand already her finger. 
- Gently rolling your nipple between your fingers. 
- Think about your baby. You may find it easier to express while you are close to your baby. 
- When you're away from your baby look at a photo of your baby. 
- Relax! Well you feed your baby or express milk breed slowly and deeply.
Preparing to express breast milk:
- Before expressing milk always wash your hands with soap and clean water. 
- To receive the expressed milk use a container units sterilized with boiling water
such as a cup class or jar with the wide mouth. 
Expressing breast milk by hand:
- Place a finger and thumb on each side of the aerial a and press inward toward the chest wall.
- Press behind the nipple and areola using our finger and thumb.
- Press gonna sides to empty all parts of the breast.
- Electric and manual breast pump mimic the sucking action other baby and won't cause you pain. 
Here are the steps to use an electric pump:
- First put a breast flange or shield over your nipple.
- Use the right side shield for your nipple and position it carefully so you don't pinch yourself. 
- Turn the pump on and allow it to suction your milk. 
- When using a manual pomp you also use the shield.
- You extract the milk by operating a squeeze mechanism or by pulling up on jur. 
- It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to calm both breasts with an electric pump and up to 45 minutes with a hand pump.
- It's important to clean the pump parts carefully after each session. 
- Store expressed breast milk in glass or hard sided plastic containers with lids that fit well. 
- Remember not to fill the container fully.
- Once you have sealed the container write the date and time on it using a marker or sticky label. 
Storing breast milk:
- You can store your breast milk at room temperature in a refrigerator or a freezer. 
- At room temperature the milk will be good for up to three hours. 
- In a refrigerator the milk will be usable for up to eight days. 
- In a freezer the milk will be good for up to a year. 
Using stored breast milk:
- To warm a stored breast milk place the container in a bowl of hot water or run hot water over the container be careful not to mix water with the breast milk. 
- Never bring breast milk to a boiling point or heated in a microwave.
You can feed the expressed milk to your baby using a cup or spooning. Knowing how to express store and use breast milk will help them other insurance available when the need arises. And it's helpful for the mother's family and employer to support her in this process.