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C-Section Recovery Kit: Scar Massage and Self-Care

Create: 11/16/2016 - 08:21

Most c-sections are now done with a horizontal incision which is only around 6 inches long and about 1/8 inch wide. It is made just above the pubic hairline and cuts through skin, body fat, fascia, peritoneum and uterus.
Just a few minutes a day of self massage helps your scar to heal. Because massaging softens the scar tissue it forms a flat, smooth scar. Massaging your c-section incision helps organize the scar tissue because it re-aligns the collagen fibers. In addition massage creates compression, increasing circulation and, stimulating the healing process.
Adhesions are a significant source of long term problems from abdominal surgery. They can be reduced or completely avoided by regular self massage of your c-section scar.
As you know from the description at the beginning, your actual scar goes deep into the body with only the surface visible. Being consistent with self massage and later dry skin brushing and the deeper you can penetrate the abdomen, the less likely problems from adhesions, and the softer the scar.
After Pregnancy and surgery, your abdomen has undergone enormous change, the more support it gets the faster and better it will heal. Massaging your c section scar, for even a few minutes a day, can have a huge benefit.