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C-Section Recovery Kit: Self-Help Techniques

Create: 11/16/2016 - 07:50

C Section Recovery Kit in the hospital and self-care at home practices to help you recover quickly while reducing scarring and pain. Be protected with C Section Recovery Kit for greater mobility and quicker healing.
C-Section Belly Band w/ Extra Strap:
- Pregnancy and maternity support for your back, stomach, and hips to assist in carrying that extra baby weight.
- Cesarean or vaginal births both require compression to help the tissue shrink back. This is doubly true after c-section to help the incision heal, prevent any tearing, and to get you back to your pre pregnant shape.
- Wearing the belly band after birth will help you be the best mom you can be! The support belt allows you to move more easily, helps during breastfeeding, and carrying your baby. Support your back and stomach, while reducing pain.
- Be Confident in your body! Shrink hips and tummy, while reducing stretch marks and scarring with the C Section Recovery Kit’s Belly Band w/ Extra Strap
Scar Care and Massage:
- Massage discussed in the instructional DVD is a proven technique and modality to improve tissue modeling for a healthier and stronger scar after a C-Section. The tissue that was cut upset the organization of the collagen fibers, and simple techniques done consistently can make a big difference between having a lumpy or smooth scar.
- Reducing the internal scarring decreases other complications, such as incontinence, bowel obstruction, infertility and back pain. Meditation and massage will improve your circulation and help release chemicals in the body to reduce stress and improve your well being.