C-Section Recovery: What You Need To Know

You may have prepared for your Cesarean, but what do you know about recovery? Consider this your post-C-Section playbook.

Hour 1: You'll be under close observation (and a bit out of it) but you can still nuzzle and nurse baby.

Day 1: You're in recovery (barring complications), but restricted to a liquid diet. Getting up is encouraged--it'll help you heal.

Day 2: Bye-bye catheter and IV, hello shower and real food! You'll still bleed down there (yep, even after a C-Section) and may still need pain meds.

Day 4: You'll likely be homeward bound. Just remember: No heavy lifting or driving, and avoid stair-climbing.

Week 2: Time for a post-op check-up. But call your doc any time if you're feverish or your incision area's red or swollen.

Week 4: You'll feel much better, but you're still recovering! Listen to your body (if you can hear it over the baby)

Week 6: You'll likely be fully recovered--and may even recognize yourself again. Say hi! And remind yourself that you rock, Mama!