Dream of Every Mom-To-Be: Stunning Underwater Pregnancy Photos

Dream of Every Mom-To-Be: Stunning Underwater Pregnancy Photos

This creative photographer is about to show us a totally different perspective of pregnant women, “true beauty of women can be only seen when they are pregnant” claims the photographer, who took his passion of photography to next level by this very new idea of underwater photography of mums-to-be.

No wonder these photographs are creating a big time buzz on internet. People are admiring the true beauty of women & their feeling when they are about to give birth to a new life..

South Florida photographer Adam Opris emphasizes that safety has always been his number one concern and shares that no client is underwater for more than a few seconds. His mission is to keep each mother-to-be's experience calm and stress-free.

Wear your bump with prideWear your bump with pridePhotos: Adam Opris/WENN

Floating in waterFloating in waterHow can you not love this? (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

StunningStunningIf you've got it, flaunt it. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Absolutely beautifulAbsolutely beautifulNewborn announcements look just as great. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

DarknessDarknessA literal pregnancy glow. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Did someone say Greek goddess?Did someone say Greek goddess?Oh right, that was me, because this is awesome. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Limitless possibilitiesLimitless possibilitiesWho needs gravity anyway? (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Lay backLay backTake a beautiful picture and a break from all that joint stress. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

EtherealEtherealMaternity shoots will never be the same. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

So gracefulSo gracefulHer, the fabric, everything. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Belly loveBelly loveDarling, it's better down where it's wetter — take it from this photo. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Like a museum portraitLike a museum portraitDon't be fooled, it's actually just an amazing photo. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

The whole familyThe whole familyThey all share the spotlight. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Family loveFamily loveEverything about this is perfect. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Waterproof propsWaterproof propsUnderwater, everything's possible. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Like a mermaidLike a mermaidOr a real-life mermaid — the resemblance is uncanny. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Welcome to the worldWelcome to the worldAnd welcome to the pool. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Pretty in pinkPretty in pinkThat flowing skirt is oh too cool. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)

Pushing boundariesPushing boundariesGoodbye, boundaries. Hello, beautiful. (Photos: Adam Opris/WENN)