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Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles During and After Pregnancy
Aug 30, 2017
This video speaks to the important role the pelvic floor muscles play during and after pregnancy, and why it is so important to strengthen them. It also teaches you how to perform proper Kegels in order to effectively activate these muscles.
Birth Preparation: 10 Minute Meditation for Labor and Delivery
Aug 30, 2017

Meditation helps to improve positive energy and enhance mood, helping nervous and anxious mothers to eliminate negative or worrisome thoughts and allowing them to focus on delivering healthy and happy babies.

Posture in Pregnancy and How This Affects Your Pelvis
Aug 28, 2017

So particularly with pregnancy, when the vital organs shift up to accommodate the baby bump, you are looking for the extra space in which to breathe. So this will happen now with the vertebrae lower.

Pregnancy Yoga: Alleviating Sciatica
Aug 24, 2017

Your sciatic nerve runs from your back right down to your feet and during pregnancy it can be really uncomfortable if your baby presses against it! These prenatal yoga movements can help ease the pain and can be done anytime.

Pregnancy Yoga: Exercises to Increase Blood Circulation
Aug 22, 2017

Improving your circulation during pregnancy doesn’t just benefit you – it benefits your baby too! Follow this video for some easy moves you can follow at home to improve your circulation during pregnancy.

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