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Preparing for Labour and Childbirth (Questions & Answers)
Mar 05, 2017

A common concern that ladies have is that they are going to have their bowels open whilst they are giving birth. Our job when we are doing our vaginal examinations throughout labour is to check if the bowel is full.

Laboraide - Reduces Risks at Childbirth
Feb 28, 2017
Laboraide is an innovative oral device that reduces the risk of surgical intervention in childbirth. By placing Laboraide in the mother's mouth, it acts as a cushion that creates a gap between the upper and lower jaw. 
Everything You Need to Know About C-Section (Cesarean Delivery)
Feb 21, 2017

Some women request C-sections with their first babies — to avoid labor or the possible complications of vaginal birth or to take advantage of the convenience of a planned delivery.

How to Start Labor Naturally and Avoid an Induction?
Feb 20, 2017

Are you 38 to 42 weeks and wanting to have that baby? Here are some ways to start labor naturally and avoid artificial induction and painful pitocin contractions.

3 Major Ways to Prevent Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth
Feb 19, 2017

Learn three major ways to prevent tearing while your birthing your baby. Tearing during labor is a common concern for most pregnant woman. There are ways to prevent it as much as you possible can.

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