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Vaginal Birth After Previous Caesarean Birth
Aug 12, 2017

Normally a VBAC is not recommended if you've had three or more previous cesarean, if you had a previous rupture or if you previously had a classical scar which is a vertical incision on your uterus.

What is Involved if You Need a Caesarean?
Aug 12, 2017

If it is your first cesarean then it is likely to take around five minutes to deliver the baby. If it is a subsequent cesarean then this may take longer as you will have scar tissue from the previous operation. 

What is Involved if Your Labour Needs to Be Induced?
Aug 11, 2017

The ultimate aim of induction is to get your body into labor and there are several ways this may be done. Every woman and her baby are individual and so this process may vary slightly. 

What is Involved if You Need an Assisted Birth?
Aug 11, 2017

An instrumental delivery is a delivery that is carried out by a doctor in a second stage of labor when your cervix is fully dilated. This may be necessary if you have been pushing for a long time and the baby has not been born.

Home Birth: What to Expect When You're Expecting
Aug 10, 2017

Many women decide to hire a birthing pool. The buoyancy of the water enables going to change position easily it takes the pressure of gravity of the body which gives more energy to work with the contraction.

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