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Becoming a Father for the First Time
Jun 20, 2017
Becoming a father, particularly for the first time, is an emotional experience. If you’re the husband or partner of a pregnant mom, the closer the two of you are the more you’ll be able to share the experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Test Your Childbirth Knowledge: Coping with Labor Pain
Jun 04, 2017

The idea is that the combined spinal epidural will reduce the need for instrumental vaginal delivery or cesarean surgery but they don't the spinal part of the epidural also introduces additional complications.

Test Your Childbirth Knowledge: Rupture of Membranes
May 29, 2017

If anything breaking the bag of waters leads to an increase in the risk of cesarean section because the baby is more likely to get stuck in an unfavorable position and may experience episodes of non reassuring fetal heart rate. 

Test Your Childbirth Knowledge: Cesarean Surgery
May 27, 2017

Whether you have a caesarean depends mostly on your doctor's or midwife's practice style, not on your or your baby's health or how your labor progresses. 

Test Your Childbirth Knowledge: Care Practices at the Time of Birth
May 25, 2017

Holding the baby skin-to-skin fosters attachment and helps with breastfeeding initiation. It also decreases stress on the baby. The baby is calmer. The baby cries less. 

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