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Golf During Pregnancy: Chipping, Learning the Base Shot

Create: 07/02/2016 - 07:47

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of any woman’s life but being active and keeping fit during pregnancy is beneficial. In all cases, though, consult your physician or gynecologist before considering any exercise or sport.
Benefits: Golf is great exercise for a pregnant woman, especially if you walk. Low-impact golf works your core and helps improve your stability and balance, which is compromised during pregnancy.
If you decide to walk, a pull/ push cart is a great way to go, and will give you a good cardiovascular workout. If you take a cart, you are still getting a lot of walking in throughout the round, plus making golf swings will keep your muscles active and moving.
Pregnant women exercise every day, which can help prevent excessive weight gain, reduce the chance of gestational diabetes and increase strength and endurance in preparation for labor. In addition, being outside and exercising can be a real mood lifter, which can be very helpful during this emotional roller coaster.
Warnings: As your body changes and your ligaments loosen, your balance decreases and the risk of falls increases. This is especially tricky on a golf course, which has hills, valleys, gouges in the ground and tripping hazards. Whether you’ve been playing golf for years or are new to the sport, get your doctor's approval before grabbing the clubs. And as always, stretch before hitting your first drive of the day.
Precautions: The baby’s safety is of utmost importance, so it’s vital to stay hydrated. The demands on your body require more liquids, so drink plenty of fluids. Preterm labor, constipation, fatigue and even miscarriage can result from dehydration, according to the American Pregnancy Association. 
A pregnant woman should drink eight to 12 glasses of fluid a day, even more if you’re exercising, the APA says. Heat can also raise medical issues for you and the baby, so avoid playing when it's hottest. And if you fatigue easily or you’re nearing the end of your term, consider a cart instead of walking.