Home Childbirth: What to Expect When You're Expecting

The National Institutes of Clinical Excellence recommends that all women should be offered a choice as to where to have their baby if you have complications on your pregnancies complex you may be advised to give birth in hospital. 

However a plan of care should be made with your midwife and your doctor that is individual to your need and you should be given evidence-based guidelines in order to you to make an informed decision. 

Latest evidence suggests that birth is very safe regardless of the birth settings and for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. As first outcomes for that of home is very low for women having their second or subsequent babies following a previous uncomplicated birth, home birth is strongly recommended. 

The rate of intervention is lower and the outcomes for baby are no different compared to an obstetric unit. By choosing to have your baby at home you will remain in a place where you normally feel relaxed and safe, surrounded by familiar people and objects, free to move and adapt to the environment as you wish. 

When you feel that you may need extra support you can contact the midwifery server and then the midwife will come to you at your home. You don't have to make the decision as to when you should make their way into the hospital or the possibility that you may be sent home again and you've gone into early. 

One of the keys to a normal labor and birth is to remain calm and relaxed this enables the body to produce oxytocin the hormone that makes the uterus work efficiently. Being calm and stress-free also helps your body to produce endorphins the body's own natural pain relieving hormone. This hormone combines two numb your body to work effectively and efficiently as nature intended.

There are several options however women tends not to experience the need for extra pain relief as they feel more control at home. Many women decide to hire a birthing pool. The buoyancy of the water enables going to change position easily it takes the pressure of gravity of the body which gives more energy to work with the contraction. 

You may also consider using a TENS machine these can be bought or hired but they're not to be used in the water and turn up gas and air or get brought to your home by your midwife. This can be used on its own when you are in the water or alongside all other forms of pain management self-help techniques you may have learned.

Epidurals are not an option in a home bath, your midwife will discuss with you all you need to know in advance of your birth. Answer any questions you and your partner may have and give you the details of who to call and when at home. Your Midwife will monitor the well being of you and your baby very closely in just the same way they would if you were in hospital. 

This enables them to detect any problems or concerns and to act accordingly. If transfer to hospital is recommended or is something you choose your midwife will stay with you during the transfer. Midwives may also continue to care for you once in hospital. Home birth is a safe option for uncomplicated pregnancy it gives women the freedom to truly choose how they birth their baby and feel in control of their journey to mother.