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How to Breastfeed a Newborn

Create: 09/19/2015 - 02:50

When your baby is hungry you’ve got to remember you’re going to be there for at least twenty minutes. Have a magazine or the telly to hand and get yourself a drink so you’re ready. Get yourself in a position and if necessary you can always change. 
When you’re breastfeeding you’ve got yourself sitting comfortably, your breast is in a normal anatomical position. Bring your baby to your breast so its mouth comes to your nipple, rather than your nipple to its mouth and its nose is roughly in line with your nipple. This is so, as your baby opens its mouth it can bring its mouth up and take a big chunk of the underneath side of your nipple into its mouth to feed. 
When they first start to feed they have a real quick suck, suck, suck and then they settle down to the nice rhythmical fashion and they tend to do suck, suck, swallow, rest.
Really, the best time to breastfeed your baby is quite soon after birth and within first hour of birth, and then from there you’re driven by when your baby wants to feed. 
Your baby’s feeding pattern will settle, sometimes they feed every two hours, sometimes they feed slightly more, sometimes they feed slightly less. Totally depended on the way your baby feels at the time. 
Breastfeeding is one of the natural ways to feed your baby, it’s a nice time when you can sit and bond with your baby but sometimes it’s really hard work and sometimes it’s just not right for you. You’ll know and you’ve got to take it as it comes.
About video: Midwife Kate Taylor talks through the steps of how to breastfeed a newborn.