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How to Cope with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Create: 10/20/2015 - 10:44

Morning sickness is quite a normal, common side effect of being pregnant and very rarely would the baby ever be affected. It’s all to do with the hormone changes of pregnancy. It makes the muscles in your stomach a bit looser so that you can get sick a bit quicker. 
Some people get it when they first get up in the morning, you can get it in the middle of the day, late in the afternoon or the evening time. It’s just how it happens to occur in your body at the time, so not necessarily a ‘morning’ sickness.
Ginger tea is very useful for settling a nauseated stomach whether you are pregnant or not pregnant actually. It’s a very useful herbal sort of remedy.
Things that might help you not be so nauseated are things like bland foods like jacket potatoes, pasta and things like that, dry bread, dry toast, dry biscuits. Not chocolate biscuits necessarily. And to keep hydrated, lots of water and cups of tea. 
Not too many cups of tea or coffees throughout the day. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes because of course these can constrict around your tummy and that can make you feel sick as well so wear loose fitting clothes whilst you’re pregnant.
And also distract therapy can sometimes help. Occupy your mind if you are feeling a bit sick: see if you can take your mind off it.  It doesn’t usually last that long. 
Smoking can definitely make your morning sickness worse so the best advice we can give you is to stop smoking in your pregnancy and your nausea symptoms should settle right down.
There is a difference between feeling nauseous, which is just feeling a bit sick which might last for an hour or two of the day or it might last for days or it might last for weeks.  And there is a difference between that and vomiting where you can’t keep any food or drink down. 
It’s called hyperemesis and if you think that you can’t keep your food down, you are actually vomiting, you need to see your midwife or doctor quite quickly – you may need some specialist help.
About video: Midwife Kate Finch gives advice on how to deal with morning sickness during your pregnancy.