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How to Deal with Your Labor Fears

Create: 09/12/2015 - 10:39

Labor is probably the most feared of pregnancy’s "unknowns." Here's how to manage it.
Step 1: Gather the facts
Read about being pregnant and giving birth. Subscribe to a parenting magazine, or read their articles online.
Step 2: Enroll in childbirth classes
Take childbirth classes, which can be found online, through hospitals, or in newspapers.
Step 3: Contact your doctor or midwife
Talk to your doctor or midwife about pain relief options, and don't take anything without their consent.
Tip: Many women worry about going into labor in their sleep and waking up giving birth. Don't worry – labor pains will certainly wake you up.
Step 4: Go to the hospital
Go to the hospital or call your doctor immediately if you think you have labor pains. Better safe than sorry.
Did You Know?
There are close to six million pregnancies every year in the United States.