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How Do My Breasts Make Milk?

Create: 08/18/2015 - 09:10

Breast milk production begins during pregnancy and over time milk production will increase from small teaspoons to ounces of mature milk. Learn more about breast milk production and other breastfeeding tips at 
Breast milk production begins before your baby is born. During pregnancy, breast milk production will start when milk producing cells multiply and milk ducts grow. These milk producing cells are called alveoli. When your baby breastfeeds, milk flows from the alveoli, through the milk ducts, and out the nipple opening. 
Around mid-pregnancy, your breast will start to produce colostrum, which is thick and yellow, unlike mature milk which is thin and white. In the beginning, you will make just enough colostrum to fill your baby stomach, about 1-3 teaspoons per feeding.