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How to First Breastfeed a Newborn Baby?

Create: 01/07/2017 - 05:05

Preparing to breastfeed before your baby is born can really boost your chances of breastfeeding success. To start breastfeeding well and get off to the best start you need to learn about how breastfeeding works, try and initiate breastfeeding and skin to skin contact after the birth and understand the natural feedback loops involved in building your milk supply. The more you understand about breastfeeding and the more support you get, the better.
Having your baby lying on your chest in skin to skin contact produces oxytocin, which helps you bond with your baby, relax, and start breastfeeding. Furthermore, having your baby on your chest in this way stimulates your baby’s natural and very strong feeding instincts and your baby will try and move to the breast, root for the breast with their mouth and latch on in the so-called ‘breast crawl.’