How to Monitor Your Baby's Movements?

Have you ever wondered how you can tell whether your unborn baby is doing well? Feeling kicks and movement every day is a sign that the baby is fine. All babies have different patterns of movement.

How and how much they kick and move varies a lot from baby to baby. There is no set standard for what is normal. Don't compare yourself to others. Get to know your baby's movements. Trust your instinct - you know your baby best. 

Set aside time each day to feel your baby moving when it's awake. Start in week 28 when the movements have become regular and the periods when the baby is awake and asleep are more predictable. Make it a habit! In this way, you will more easily notice any changes.

The kicks and movements will increase in number from mid-pregnancy and until week 32. At this point, they will stabilise at a level that will last until the birth. The movements feel different towards the end of the pregnancy when the baby has less room to move around. However, the movements should not become less frequent or weaker. 

If you notice changes and are concerned about how your baby is doing, immediately contact the maternity ward. Don't wait until the next day. Your concerns will be taken seriously. Most mothers who experience an episode of decreased movements give birth to healthy babies.