How to Stop a Baby Crying?

All babies cry especially in the first 6 - 8 weeks. Some babies cry more than others, but you need to be reassured that it's normal. That is what young babies tend to do, they tend to get unsettled quite easily and sometimes can have a period during the evening, say from around about 5 o'clock to maybe 9 o'clock at night when they just need to be held, or they just feel very unsettled.

Your baby could be hungry, could need winding, maybe you have just fed your baby. Think about these sort of points to start with. Maybe your baby needs a nappy change, think about maybe whether your baby is too hot or too cold.

Also baby can just want some cuddles, and some time with you. And that can be just as important. The most important thing to remember is that young babies do tend to be unsettled and can cry quite a bit and it is perfectly normal as baby gets older, your baby will settle and the crying periods will get much much less.

If you need to get support do ask your midwife or health visitor, visit your GP as well and also there are lots of different websites that can help you with tips and advice. If you have a baby that does cry quite a bit but you need to be really reassured that later on, as your baby grows and develops this will change. It will not stay the same. It's really important to remember this.