Incredible Moment: Mom Delivers Her Own Twins During C-Section

Incredible Moment: Mom Delivers Her Own Twins During C-Section

Preferring a more natural birthing experience, Gerri Wolfe, 41, said was “devastated” after discovering a complication during her 36th week of pregnancy that left her with no choice but to have a caesarean.

Refusing to settle, Gerri researched her options online and instead opted to give birth via maternal assisted caesarean. The procedure is essentially a traditional C-section, save for final moments, in which the mother is permitted to pull the child out of her own womb herself. Who even knew this method existed?

Gerri’s doctor sure didn’t. Her OB/GYN completely refused the nontraditional method at first! But he loosened his stance after Gerri pleaded with him, inspiring him to do his own research.

Upping the ante on her daring self-assisted delivery, Gerri pulled not just one, but two children out of her womb, giving birth to healthy twin girls, Matilda and Violet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this wasn’t Gerri’s first birth experience. These were her 10th and 11th babies, so she knows a thing or two about giving birth. 

After their wild introduction to the world, the babies were allowed to leave the hospital and rest comfortably at their home with their mother, surrounded by nine older siblings and their loving dad.

Gerri says she has no regrets on bringing the twins into the world on her own terms.

“It’s my body, it’s my birth, it’s my baby,” she said.

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