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Maternity and Nursing Bra Buying Guide

Create: 01/06/2017 - 10:26

Just like you, I know how good it feels to have a great fitting bra. As a new mum or mum to be, we know how important it is to have good support as your body changes and grows.
First step is to establish whether you are fitting for a maternity bra, for during pregnancy, or a nursing bra for whilst breast feeding your baby. You may find that as early as 8 weeks, a maternity bra provides comfort and support. We recommend that you are fitted as soon as your current bra started to feel uncomfortable.
At mothercare, we recommend that you get fitted for a nursing bra between 36 - 38 weeks. With simple clips that can be undone single handedly, and a retainer strap to keep the bra in place whilst feeding. Our nursing bras will make yours and your baby's life easier. When fitting a nursing bra, you need to allow additional room for when your milk comes in, one of our instore bra advisors will fit you accordingly.
And take into account the changes your body goes through post-birth. All of our bras are expertly designed especially for pregnancy and after baby arrives. They all have four sets of hooks and eyes which allows for the bra to be extended as your body blooms and grows. And soft breathable fabrics, for comfort and support.
Looking great means starting with what's underneath, so for your lingerie draw you'll need a few bras for every day, and a tshirt bra for a seamless look. And don't forget, a sleep bra for nighttime support.