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Mom's Love: The First 100 Days of Mommyhood

Create: 12/15/2016 - 03:12

Becoming a morning person when you never thought you could. A softer body and a bigger heart. Checking for buttercup shadows under chins and butterfly kisses on cheeks. Firsts and Seconds. Cuddles and tears. Praying for time without the kids then missing the kids when it comes. Never wanting to be away for too long.  
Sticky wet kisses and tiny hugs that seem to reach the inside of your heart.  Constantly protecting. Constantly worrying. Morning routines and nighttime routines with everything in between. Dreaming about your child’s future. Mommyhood is this, and more.  Mommyhood is nothing and everything we thought it would be.
Day 1-7: This is not what you expected
Day 7-15: Unnecessary paranoia
Day 16: Small victory
Day 17-22: Small things seem bigger
Day 23-60: Sacrifices are made
Day 61-89: You learn how to deal
Day 90: All of a sudden they are bigger
Day 99: Eveb free moments are about baby
Day 100: You refuse to accept they are growing up
What does Mommyhood look like for you?