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Mother in Law Pregnancy Massage: Arms and Legs

Create: 07/03/2016 - 07:08

Pregnancy is a time of massive change in a woman’s body:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Hormonal shifts, metabolic, and structural changes occur in the physical body. A woman may experience mood swings, ambivalence, and issues surrounding her self-image.  
The pregnant woman is likely to feel stress from all these changes.  The effects of stress can be detrimental to pregnancy outcome.  Studies of the effects of touch on the human pregnant body have shown to directly reduce these stressors.
Massage has been a vital part of prenatal and postpartum care in many cultures for centuries. Many of the stresses that your body undergoes as a result of pregnancy can be alleviated at the hands of a professional massage therapist who is specially trained in working with pregnant women. 
Massage during pregnancy should be pleasurable (not painful) and will promote feelings of calm, well-being, and relaxation. The treatment room temperature is adjusted to your needs.
What are the benefits of massage during pregnancy?
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Physical and mental relaxation
- Reduce edema and blood pressure
- Relieves varicose veins
- Increases blood and lymph circulation
- Relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain.
- Alleviates musculoskeletal pain and strain
- Improves your body awareness as you prepare for birth
- Powerful Oils and Creams that help Restore Dry Skin
- Improved Sleep
- Pain Free legs and arms
- Mental Clarity
Before beginning any massage routine, you should be sure to speak with your medical professional to make sure that it will be safe for you. Speaking with your medical professional is the best way to stay informed about the potential risk of getting back massages while you are pregnant.