Natural Labour Induction and Home Birth Prep

Natural labour induction should only be a helping hand. You want the method to be gentle enough that you won’t go into labor if your body isn’t ready. Induction is not recommended before 39-40 weeks. If you do try to induce before then, chances are it won't work anyway.

Don't stress about being overdue. First-time pregnancies are up to 80% more likely to go beyond the due date and you are not officially "overdue" until 42 weeks. Even then, a doctor cannot legally induce labor without your permission.

Do your own research. Make sure you know the risks and are taking the correct amount of any herbal product. Don't overstrain yourself with labor-inducing exercises.

If you aren't sure, talk to your doctor. This is especially true if your pregnancy has been complicated or is considered high-risk.

Natural Induction Methods:
➳ Pregnancy Teas:
➳ Evening Primrose Oil Capsules:
➳ Vitamin E capsules
➳ Walking: The bumping up and down of walking can help the baby move into the birth canal. In fact, this is one of the few ways that most doctors agree on for starting labor. If walking doesn't work, try walking up and down stairs. Lifting your legs higher as you step can help push the baby downward.
➳ Sex: If you feel up to sex, intercourse can work to get labor started. Sperm contains natural prostaglandins that release oxytocin to help soften and dilate the cervix.

Home birth prep:
➳ Essential Oils:
➳ Books:
1. Orgasmic Birth: 
2. Gentle Birth: 
3. Supernatural Childbirth: