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A New Mom's First 6 Weeks: What to Expect with a Newborn Baby

Create: 12/11/2015 - 07:09

You've survived 9 months of pregnancy. After 9 months, you’re finally able to meet your baby and hold them in your arms. These first few weeks will be very busy and slightly crazy, but the best thing to do is take everything as it comes and enjoy it. 
During your newborn baby's first few weeks, most of your time will be spent simply making sure your baby is fed every few hours, comforted, and held, and has his or her diaper changed. 
It’s good to get some skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby in these initial weeks and you might want to think about registering their birth, but there’s no rush just yet as you’ll likely have your hands full.
Pay attention to cues. You will begin to discover your baby's individual needs and preferences. The following information can give you an idea about what to expect about your baby's:
Reflexes: Babies are born with a number of automatic physical responses that help them handle their world.
Sleeping and eating patterns: A newborn's main routines center around these two activities, although by about 3 weeks of age, he or she begins to socialize more.
Diaper habits: You can expect to change your newborn's diaper frequently. The specific number of times a day varies and in part depends on whether you feed your baby breast milk or formula.
Crying: Newborns cry when they are hungry, tired, overstimulated, or otherwise uncomfortable. They may also cry for no apparent reason and be difficult to console.
About video: Bought to you by Target & Bounty, featuring a Tresillian expert, the 'First 6 weeks', takes viewers through what they can expect with a newborn and helps to answer all of the questions that might arise in the early weeks.