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Pregnancy Week 10 - Three Months Pregnant

Create: 07/19/2016 - 08:46

You are slowly but surely approaching the end of the first trimester which means that feeling nauseous should disappear soon. Your baby is developing its bones and is growing fast as well as is your uterus. Do you already see the slight roundness in your lower belly?
Changes in Body
- Uterus has expanded to the size of an orange.
- Increased blood supply in the body you may begin to feel warmer than normal.
- Should be wearing a good support bra now, as you grow throughout your pregnancy.
- Placenta in which the baby is attached starts to produce progesterone.
- The placenta takes over the function on the corpus luteum.
- Probably still annoyed by flatulence (hormones continue to relax your muscles)
- Veins on your body become visible (due to 20-40% increase in blood volume to bring nutrients to your baby)
Your Baby:
- Developing cartilage and bones.
- Teeth buds forming in the mouth.
- Stomach is producing digestive juices & kidneys urine.