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Pregnancy Week 11 - Three Months Pregnant

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While you are still feeling tired, at least you finally have no doubts that what you are expecting is a baby - thanks to its very human-like appearance.
Changes in Body: 
- Any sickness you have had should start to fade away.
- You will also begin to feel less tired. 
- Appetite may be coming back - hurray!
- You may begin to experience backache, bleeding gums, cramps in the legs or constipation.
Your Baby:
- The head is almost half the size of the fetus.
- Visible ears, nose, mouth, nipples, and fingers.
- Hair and nail beds start to develop.
- Eyelids have fused and will stay that way until week 24.
- External sex organs are developing.
- Hair follicles have the skin are forming.
- Ears are still abnormally low on the sides of the head.
- Teeth are beginning to form.
- Fetus now weighs 10 grams and is over 5.5 centimeters long.