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Pregnancy Week 12 - Three Months Pregnant

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It's the time when all of your bab's organs are getting ready to start working and you can say farewell to feeling sick. Let's celebrate! With non-alcoholic drinks and healthy food, of course.
Changes in Body:
- Dizziness very likely to appear.
- Uterus moving from pelvis to abdomen.
- Hormones are calming down.
Your Baby:
- The formation phase of bady structures & system is basically over.
- Digestive system starts contraction movements.
- Hormones & blood cells are produced.
- Skeleton of cartilage is forming.
- Gallbladder secretes bile from the fetus.
- Lungs are completely formed. 
- Thyroid gland and pancreas are now completed. 
- Forehead is touched, the fetus will turn its head away.
- Liver is functioning to make blood cells.
- This organ accounts for about 10 percent of the entire weight of the fetus.
- The baby is now 5cm long. 
- Baby has developed sexual organs that will later show whether it is male or female.
- Baby's heartbeat is now beating at between 110 and 160 beats per minute.
- Now your baby can suck its thumb. 
- 1/4 of pregnancy weight is now gained between week 12 adweek 20.