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Pregnancy Week 13 - Three Months Pregnant

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Feelings of dizzinesss and constipation may continue, but you should become less tired as you are approaching the end of your first trimester. Your baby continues to enjoy the safety of your belly, which is growing and growing!
Changes in Body
- Feeling less tired.
- Having a high or low sex drive is normal - everyone's experience is different.
- Protective vaginal discharge can appear.
- The pregnant mother will now begin to have signs of a visible baby bump.
- Your nipples will have become darker and the blue veins in your breast become more noticeable.
Your Baby:
- Movements of baby's hands and legs occur often.
- Vocal chords start to develop.
- Intestines move from the umblical cord to the baby's abdomen.
- Fetus is about three inches long.
- The beginnings of finger and footprints begin to form.
- Tooth buds appear for all 20 baby teeth.
- The trachea, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines develop into their final functioning form.