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Pregnancy Week 14 - Four Months Pregnant

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Welcome to your second trimester! Hopefully you are feeling better now and have your appetite back. But don't forget: eating for two doesn't mean doubling your caloric intake.
Changes in Body:
- Feeling hungry
- Hair can become shinier and thicker
- More susceptible to colds and flu
Your Baby:
- Ears have moved from the neck onto the head.
- Sex organs have fully differentiated into male or female.
- Digestive glands are complete.
- Taste buds are numerous and the salivary glands form.
- Vocal cords are complete.
- Baby now looks more human as the chin, forehead and nose become more clearly.
- Fetus is now 9cm long and weight roughly 60 grams.
- Growing lanugo - thin hair all over its body.
- Kidneys, livers and spleen functioning.
- Its neck is stretching.