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Pregnancy Week 15 - Four Months Pregnant

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There is still plenty of progesterone in your blood causing new symptoms. But no worries, this will all pass. Your baby spends most of its time kicking and moving but you probably don't feel it yet.
Changes in Body:
- Mother's heart has now enlarged to cope with the increased amount of blood circulating in body and the fetus's need for oxygen.
- You have 20% more blood volume in the body.
- Frequent nose bleeding can appear.
- Gums susceptible to being swollen and inflamed.
- Increase in your libido - feeling good!
 Your Baby:
- Fetal skeleton is developing and its legs are now longer that its arms.
- Hair on babies head is becoming thicker, and there is now eyelashes and eyebrows.
- Fetus can probably hear now and the amniotic fluid makes an excellent sound conductor.
- Baby will now be able to hear your stomach grumble your heart beating as well as the sound of your voice.
- Baby is now 12cm long and weights 100 grams.
- All limbs and joints can now move.
- Able to suck, breathe and swallow (becoming ready for life outside!)
- Eyes and ears move to their normal positions.