Pregnancy Week 16 - Four Months Pregnant

Time to sing to your little baby as it can hear now & time to get used to the fact you are becoming bigger. But don't worry as long as you eat healthily and do light exercise.


Changes in Body:

- You may feel your baby's first movements now they seem like a fluttering, bubbling sensation.

- A dark line may appear down the centre of your abdomen called Linea Nigra this will disappear after birth.

- Nails stronger and hair shinier, woo-hoo!

- Possible increase in your breast size.

- Nasal congestion and bleeding gums still present.


Your Baby:

- Fetus is now 16cm long and weighs 135grams.

- Baby facial features are still developing. The chin is still small, and mouth is wide in comparison, eyes are huge, closed and spaced wide apart.

- Possible to find out the baby's sex through an ultra sound scan. Checks for twins will also be done now as well.

- Baby is now covered in a fine downy hair called Lanugo it maintains the babies right body temperature.

- Able to hear sounds.

- Eyes are developed yet lids are still sealed.

- Developing taste buds.